The Value of a Christian Education


What is it that parents value as most important for their children? Is it a good education to get a faster start in life? Or is it to know their purpose and value as one of God’s Children as a way to have a prosperous and fulfilling life? For those who see their child’s salvation as supreme and seek a support system in fulfilling this goal alongside an excellent education, a quality Christian school such as Temple Christian Academy can be an answer to prayer.

The environment in a Christian school provides the loving, nurturing place where the Lord is the center of the staff’s lives and of what is taught throughout the day. A child begins to see God as a part of his/her education and gets a sense of God’s place and call on his/her life. As they are trained in the Lord, they can fulfill the goals God has for them.

Temple Christian Academy is not a perfect place, but it is a place where we react to situations based on our biblical beliefs about how we are to respond in a Godly manner to each other and to life’s events. We use those disagreements and trials to teach and prepare children to take their place in the world. Temple Christian Academy is educating for eternity in preparing children to be holy and wise in their walk in the Lord. It is a place where students can build strong friendships with classmates and staff that love the Lord and seek God’s best for them. 

Isaiah 54:13  All your children shall be taught by the Lord

At TCA, we open our day with prayer and singing Christian songs to praise our Creator. We take time to stop openly during the day when the opportunity arises to call on God to help us. God’s name is honored and praised in a Christian atmosphere with prayer. The teaching of His Word is openly a part of the strong academics during all of the school day. Students see God’s perspective on the subjects they are learning.

Our nation and our world is increasingly becoming more difficult for Christian believers to assert their faith.  When children are surrounded by adults and peers who walk the talk and are free to discuss their faith, it makes them stronger and more purposeful to carry on the principles that are taught and honored by both school and home.   

What better way is there for your child than to spend 30% of his 24-hour day than in a positive environment that focuses on our Lord Jesus Christ and prepares a life through evangelism and discipleship to honor and serve the Lord?

Join us at TCA!