ScienceSouth Field Trip Schedule 2017-2018



Get excited everyone, our ScienceSouth field trip schedule has been published!

Please review the information listed in the table below to ensure your child attends these very important science labs hosted by ScienceSouth. Also note that you can sort the table by date, grade level or topic, and we’ll be sure to update you with additional information as the trip dates approach. 

About ScienceSouth

ScienceSouth is a non-profit educational institution based in Florence, South Carolina. Through its programs, ScienceSouth creates innovative, enjoyable learning experiences which engage people in life-long learning, invention and problem solving.

Established in 2000 by a group of educators and business leaders seeking to address the science and technology education gap, ScienceSouth’s mission is to advance scientific understanding and increase the competitiveness of future generations.

TCA is proud to partner with ScienceSouth to enrich and supplement the Science programs we offer at the Academy. To learn more about ScienceSouth and the many programs they offer, visit their web site at


Scheduled DateGrade LevelLab Topic
September 19, 20171st & 2ndScientific Method
(Bouncing Ball Exploration)
September 21, 20173rd - 5thScientific Method
October 17, 20171st & 2ndStates of Matter & Mixtures
(Molecule Dance)
October 19, 20173rd - 5thStates of Matter & Mixtures
(Identifying Elements, Compounds & Mixtures)
November 2, 20175KScience Engineering
(Pom Pom Launcher)
November 14, 20171st & 2ndForces & Motion
(Force & Motion Stations Lab)
November 16, 20173rd - 5thForces & Motion
(Friction Lab)
January 18, 20185KStates of Matter
(What is the Matter?)
January 23, 20181st & 2ndAstronomy
(Marshmallow Constellations)
January 25, 20183rd - 5thAstronomy
(Planet Scales)
February 27, 20181st & 2ndElectricity & Magnetism
(Simple Circuits: Conductors vs. Insulators)
March 1, 20183rd - 5thElectricity & Magnetism
(Pumpkin Battery)
March 20, 20181st & 2ndScience Engineering
(Zip Line Challenge)
March 22, 20183rd - 5thScience Engineering
(Zip Line Challenge)
April 12, 20185KLife Science/Biology
(Classification of Living/Non-Living Things)
May 1, 20181st & 2ndChemistry Fun!
(Bag Bombs & Lava Lamps)
May 3, 20183rd - 5thChemistry Fun!
(Bag Bombs & Lava Lamps)


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