Parent Newsletter – August 1, 2017



This is the first in a series of our school/parent communications for the TCA 2017-2018 school year. We hope that the communication link between school and parents will always remain strong, and we are looking forward to a great new year – our 9th!

Below are some items you will want to review.


  1. TCA will be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, AUGUST 14-15-16, for teacher workdays. You may begin to bring your child’s school supplies during those three days. We have 5 new teachers and 10 returning who will be available when you come to visit (except on Wednesday, August 16 due to staff training).
  2. The first day of school will be Thursday, August 17. School will continue on Friday, August 18, but we will not have school on Monday, August 21, due to the total solar eclipse. We will reopen for school on Tuesday, August 22. Enclosed is a calendar for you to keep. Field trips are currently being planned and you will be notified as that process progresses.
  3. Please put your child’s name on all returnable (to you) items such as cups, clothing, blankets, pillow, lunch boxes and book bags. You may use initials only or may put the first name on the item(s). Any unlabeled items that are left unclaimed for a week will be discarded. Please see our TCA 2017-2018 Supply List for a general listing of items you will need for the school year, keeping in mind that specific classes and/or grades may have additional requirements.
  4. We wanted you to know ahead of time that Awards Day programs this year will be held at 4:00 PM. To keep the programs from being excessively long, not every class-level will participate in each program with a skit or a presentation.
  5. We can refrigerate, but we cannot heat, food that your child(ren) may bring for lunch. If you send breakfast after 7:45 am, we must save it for the child to eat during snack time. If you want your child to eat breakfast here, you must bring them no later than 7:30 am.
  6.  If you have not paid the book fee, please do so now. It is due by August 1.
  7. For two year old children who are still being potty trained, the rate of tuition is going up in August to $100 per week. Once the child is fully potty trained, the tuition will revert to $90 per week. We would like to remind parents of our potty-training children to send Velcro-type pull ups that can be unfastened.
  8. We anticipate that the new mobile unit will be ready for us by the time school starts or shortly thereafter. The older grades will have classes in the new mobile unit. Thank you for helping us with the building fund! The only way we could afford the building was with your help. We are now starting to raise funds for a new gymnasium building, so please continue to contribute.
  9. Please remember to keep your tuition payments current. We will send reminders this year when they are needed, but it is your responsibility to make the payments in a timely fashion.
  10. Please notify us of any changes in your child’s diet, or if there are any allergic conditions. Typically, these require special attention from our staff and we want to ensure your child receives proper attention in these matters.
  11. Our school has a “phone tree” which uses automated telephone dialing program to distribute important communications. We will begin entering new numbers shortly after the school year begins, and will utilize folder notes as well as the phone tree when we need to get messages or reminders to parents.
  12. If you do not attend church anywhere, we would love to have you here. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the coming year.