August 1, 2017

About TCA


Ever think you should enroll your child in a Christian-based daycare or school?

Wondering if your child is in a safe and loving atmosphere while you are apart from them?

Wonder no more!


Temple Christian Academy delivers affordable, high-quality, multi-intelligences, christian-based primary academic education in programs encompassing 2K through 5th grade. After school care is also available for a modest fee from 3pm through 5:45pm for children not enrolled in one of TCA’s academic programs.

TCA was founded by Dr. Naomi Player at Temple FWB Church to address the need for Christian-based primary education in the Darlington, SC area. The Academy’s programs from 2K through 6th Grade provide a superior academic education within a framework that fosters a loving, Christian approach to all aspects of early child development.



MISSION: Temple Christian Academy offers specialized learning programs for young children to help them develop physically, mature emotionally and excel academically. In addition, they will form healthy new friendships, explore new concepts, and, of course, learn about Jesus Christ. Because of our love for children, we provide the kind of care and attention every child deserves.

  • SPIRITUAL: We want your child to learn about our loving Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • INTELLECTUAL: Educational activities and exercises immerse your child in a stimulating range of language, math, science, history, music and art experiences to prepare them with a strong foundation for success in later grades.
  • SOCIAL: We strive to foster the development of new friendships through interaction during class, play, and on- and off-site activity opportunities.
  • EMOTIONAL: We encourage the development of healthy lifelong personality and behavioral patterns which are established during these critical early, formative years.
  • PHYSICAL: Physical fitness and coordination are developed by regularly scheduled indoor and outdoor physical exercise and games.


We encourage you to call 1-843-393-6000 or visit the Academy to learn more about us and how we may serve your child’s educational and spiritual goals.